Info: Guillotine cutting of tarot card sets - Artist: Kaevane

Info: UV print on 5mm acrylic - Title: Future Sins - Artist: Polygon1993

Info: UV print on 3mm Silver mirror Dibond - Title: Velocity - Artist: Polygon1993

Info: Dragon Ball Kakumei 1st edition, 500 pcs - Artists: Poissonlabo, Darkows, Reenkodbk

Enter the Printiverse

The website and it's functionalities are still under developpment, but the project is already on the go.
Follow step by step this new, grand adventure coming to life on our social networks.

Lastest news

  • 01/2023 : First launch of the "stARTer pack"
  • 12/2022 : Enfocus Switch Designer certification
  • 12/2022 : Enfocus PitStop User certification

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What is Printiverse?

You might know me by @tristan_phl on social media or perhaps simply as Tristan, my first name.

Printiverse will be a hub committed to helping artists, companies and private individuals get together and find their way through the whole graphic industry, as well as assisting printing companies looking to optimise internal processes.
What do you say? Ready to embark with me on this new journey?

Graphic Industries

Printiverse will put skills I acquired over the past 11 years to good use for anyone in the graphic industry.
Looking for consulting, optimisation and automation services?
I’ll be your guy!
For companies which are not in the printing industry but want to built their own workshop, research, set up or acquisition will be possible.

Artists & Makers

You’re always full of ideas, but stuck because you don’t have the time or means to make them come to life (or simply can’t be bothered)?
Let me assist you and provide you with all the answers you need to move forward with your printing projects.
I can also act as a middleman if finding the right printing partner is something you are not comfortable with.

Building a Community

With Printiverse I wish to create a community of cool people, based on sharing, communication and kindness, through several media such as Twitch, Discord or Youtube.

Under construction...